WMMHTW 2019.12.20

Things making me happy this week:

  • A blog post about pictures: I’ve mentioned immaeatthat (aka Kylie, a non-diet dietitian who advocates intuitive eating) before- I’ve followed her on Instagram for a while but only recently subscribed to her blog. Her most recent post (at the time of me writing) about seeing a picture of yourself and not liking how you look was really good, particularly in this season where people love to brag about how they’re starving themselves or promise that soon they’ll start starving themselves after they’re done being “bad” (by eating food, an essential human need) or remind you that they consider themselves better than you if they starve themselves while you don’t. This blog post is a part two and the first one was really good as well! Two notes; Kylie is open about recovering from an eating disorder, so if that language is upsetting to you please skip these posts, and she’s also very faith-based and faith-driven, but never in a way that I’ve found to be exclusionary of people who aren’t Christian.
  • “Highwomen”: The Pop Culture Happy Hour people mentioned this song a while ago, and I made a mental note to listen to it and immediately forget. They mentioned it again at the year-end wrap-up show and I took advantage of this second chance to listen to it. It’s a rewrite of “Highwayman” (which I had never listened to until now and guess what!! I’m including it in my happy because I love it) and, as someone who loves history, folk music, and female perspectives, this song was basically made for me.
  • Bad reviews of Cats: It’s schadenfreude time! Cats is so bad and terrible (despite me not having seen it, I know this) and the reviews are great in that everyone agrees with me! Most of the ones I’ve read are not fit to print in this space but here are two!

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